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Becoming a Coaching Manager

Learn to guide teams effectively as a coaching-oriented manager

Service Description

The problem: Often, individuals step into a managerial role without prior experience in leadership. This unfamiliarity can lead them to view 'leading' as simply issuing orders. This course aims to shift this perspective. It focuses on coaching and guiding managers, steering them away from authoritarian approaches, and instead, guides them to lead their teams collaboratively toward success. The Solution: In the course 'Becoming a Coaching Manager,' managers will grasp practical coaching methodologies. These methods pivot them away from commanding approaches, guiding them instead to lead teams collaboratively towards success. By the end of this course manager will have learned: 1. How to shift from a traditional manager approach to a coaching mindset. 2. How to guide team members to find their own solutions, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and independent problem-solving skills. 3. How to develop a collaborative and supportive relationship with employees, fostering trust, open communication, and a sense of belonging. What We'll Cover: Embracing the Coaching Mindset • Understanding the core principles of coaching and its impact on effective management. • Distinguishing between conventional management and coaching methodologies. • Mastering active listening and the art of asking impactful questions. • Cultivating self-awareness and personal growth as a manager-coach. Nurturing Independent Problem-Solving • Encouraging critical thinking and independent problem-solving among team members. • Employing techniques to guide individuals toward discovering their own solutions. • Utilizing open-ended questions to ignite innovative thinking. • Empowering teams with the right balance of guidance and autonomy. Fostering Trust and Collaboration • Establishing trust through skillful communication and attentive listening. • Delivering constructive feedback to enhance team performance and growth. • Creating an inclusive environment of open dialogue and diverse perspectives. • Strategies for strengthening team cohesion and fostering a shared sense of belonging.

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