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Managers - you need to communicate better.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Don't try to dominate the conversations.

You were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Listen to your reports.

2. Be focused in your discussions.

Rabbit trails are not appreciated when your team is overwhelmed with work to do.

Stay on task.

3. Understand that people learn in different ways.

To get your point across, you may need to write or use visuals to explain and help people understand.

Be mindful.

4. Don't shy away from difficult conversations!

Critical feedback is hard to give, but if your reports are not doing something up-to-par, they need to know, and they want to know!

Nobody wants to fail at what they do!

5. PREPARE for meetings!

It wastes your team's time when you have to search for documents or try to figure out what your point is.

Don't just wing it.

6. Let your team brainstorm.

Let your team dream.

Let your team bubble out ideas and suggestions... don't discourage it!

Some ideas may not work, but your team will figure that out, but if they don't feel safe dreaming it, you'll stifle the ideas that are possible.

😎 You've got this.



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