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Training by Competency

Korn Ferry's 38 Lominger Competencies encompass a comprehensive set of essential skills and attributes that collectively define successful leadership and professional excellence. These competencies, meticulously identified through extensive research and industry insights, serve as a roadmap for fostering effective leadership, guiding decision-making, and driving organizational success.

Their significance lies in their ability to provide a universally recognized framework that not only helps leaders evaluate their strengths and areas for growth, but also empowers organizations to identify and develop leadership talent more strategically. By integrating these competencies into professional leadership training, individuals gain the skills required to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape while fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and strategic thinking. 

Considering the strategic relevance of Korn Ferry's 38 Lominger Competencies, we invite you to explore the following courses meticulously crafted to align with this esteemed framework. Click on a competency to see which courses SueQ Co. offers that aligns with the particular competency framework.

38 Lominger Competencies


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