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Computing I: 
Master the Basics


Learners will walk away with:

  • Confidence when using computers, banishing past uncertainties.

  • Control by mastering the art of powering your computer, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience.

  • Security as you navigate the intricacies of signing in, managing accounts, and keeping your digital identity safe.

  • Productivity as you effortlessly navigate your computer's desktop, organizing your virtual workspace to perfection.

  • Curiosity and excitement, propelling you to explore technology without hesitation, and breaking down initial barriers.

  • Achievement as you conquer everyday computing tasks, from the basics to personalized customization.

  • Readiness for further tech exploration, buoyed by a solid foundation laid during this course.

  • Applicable skills for both personal and professional computer use.

Session Information: 

1 hour sessions

Who should sign up:

Ever felt like computers were your mysterious foes? Or that a single touch could spell disaster? If the world of computers seems more like a puzzle than a possibility, these sessions are for you!

Imagine beginner computer sessions that speak your language. No prior knowledge needed, just your curiosity. I understand the challenges adults face when diving into tech, so expect patience and even a bit of fun along the way.

My goal? Build your computer skills from the ground up. Step by step, we'll master the basics together and boost your confidence with each session.

This isn't a race – it's a relaxed journey. From "What's a mouse?" to total tech triumph, we've got your back. If computers have ever left you feeling bewildered, know that you're not alone. This class is your judgment-free zone to conquer those computer fears and come out on top!

Topics we can cover during sessions: 

  • PC vs. Mac: Discover the differences between these two iconic computing platforms, enabling you to make an informed choice and understand their unique features.

  • Computer Lingo: Decode the language of tech. From acronyms like RAM, CPU, and USB to deciphering jargon like files, folders, and browsers, you'll quickly grasp the vocabulary necessary for seamless computer communication.

  • Power On, Restart, and Shutdown: Learn the fundamentals of controlling your computer's power. We'll guide you through the simple steps of turning on, restarting, and safely shutting down your machine, ensuring you maintain a healthy computing environment.

  • Signing In: Unlock the gates to your digital kingdom by mastering the art of signing in. From creating and managing user accounts to safeguarding your credentials, you'll navigate the login process like a seasoned pro.

  • Navigating the Desktop: Get acquainted with the digital canvas that is your desktop. Learn to organize files, access applications, and customize your virtual workspace.

  • Understand the key components of a computer system, including cords, cables, cards, adapters, and ports, and their functions. 

  • Identify and differentiate between common terms like HDMI, USB, USB-C, and SD Cards.

  • Properly plug and unplug cords and cables to make sure data is not lost

  • Customize wallpapers, screensavers, and explore privacy/security settings to protect your digital identity.

  • Learn about the many applications on your computer, where to find them, and how they are useful


Our mission? Ensuring you walk away with practical, actionable insights that you can apply immediately. It's about making every moment count!

Emma Haddid.jpeg

Emma Haddad
Marketing Enablement
Boston, MA

One of the standout qualities of Susan is her adaptability. She can tailor her virtual training sessions to suit the specific needs of her audience, ensuring that every participant walks away with valuable knowledge and skills. She has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible information, ensuring that everyone can follow along and benefit from her sessions regardless of their prior knowledge. Her presentations are informative and highly engaging, making learning a
delightful experience.
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