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  • To equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to build and maintain trust within a team by

    • understanding its significance

    • enhancing communication

    • navigating challenges, and

    • fostering confidence

These objectives are accomplished in an interactive way and participants can apply new information immediately.


1. Instills Trust

2. Collaborates

3. Values Differences

4. Drives Engagement

Course Information: 


1 class for 1.5 hours

Who should sign up:

Ideal for aspiring and seasoned leaders looking to master trust-building skills. Perfect for anyone wanting to create high-trust, collaborative team environments. 

What You'll Get:

In this 1.5-hour course, you will gain a profound understanding of trust's impact on effective leadership and team dynamics. Acquire a toolkit of strategies to elevate communication, including active listening and transparent dialogue, that fosters an atmosphere of trust. Navigate through common trust-related challenges such as delegation, consistency, and transparency with newfound skill. Delve into methods that empower your team, cultivating a sense of trust and confidence through autonomy and support. Walk away with actionable insights and real-world techniques to cultivate a high-trust environment, fostering collaboration and achieving remarkable success. 

What We'll Cover:


  • Module 1: Understanding the Significance of Trust

    • Define trust and its importance in a team and organizational context.

    • Recognize the impact of trust on team performance, morale, and collaboration.

    • Identify common misconceptions and barriers to trust.

  • Module 2: Enhancing Communication for Trust

    • Explore effective communication techniques and their role in building trust.

    • Learn to actively listen and provide constructive feedback.

    • Understand non-verbal cues and their influence on trust.

    • Practice clear and transparent communication strategies.

  • Module 3: Navigating Challenges and Rebuilding Trust

    • Identify common trust challenges, such as conflict, betrayal, and broken promises.

    • Develop strategies for addressing and resolving trust issues within a team.

    • Learn the art of forgiveness and rebuilding trust when it's been damaged.

    • Understand the role of accountability and integrity in maintaining trust.

  • Module 4: Fostering Confidence and Applying Trust

    • Explore leadership behaviors that foster confidence and trust among team members.

    • Discuss the importance of setting clear expectations and following through.

    • Learn to empower team members and delegate effectively.

    • Develop an action plan for applying trust-building strategies in the workplace.

All classes offered by SueQ Co. bring that interactive spark. Get set to dive in, express your ideas, and collaborate with your fellow participants. We're united in this learning adventure. Our mission? Ensuring you walk away with practical, actionable insights that fit right into your work routine. It's about making every moment count!

Building Trust

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Individuals Learners: 

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Emma Haddad
Marketing Enablement
Boston, MA

One of the standout qualities of Susan is her adaptability. She can tailor her virtual training sessions to suit the specific needs of her audience, ensuring that every participant walks away with valuable knowledge and skills. She has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible information, ensuring that everyone can follow along and benefit from her sessions regardless of their prior knowledge. Her presentations are informative and highly engaging, making learning a
delightful experience.
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